Corporate Finance Executives

Microsoft’s Take on The Role of Corporate Finance Executives

Today, being a corporate finance executive means being a great strategist, risk manager, problem solver and analyst. It means wearing many hats: offering valuable analysis to help run the business, solving problems and choosing strategic direction.

Strategising big-picture business initiatives, developing corporate strategy and taking on more and more responsibility for growth means thinking about agility, productivity and scale.

Consider how your company invests in advanced technologies: does your philosophy make business sense for both core finance functions and the company as a whole? The end result: better business decisions, enhanced productivity and employee engagement.

Four technology megatrends—insights, cloud platform, mobile productivity and social—are transforming how business is done today, and each has far-reaching implications for finance. Read more on Microsoft’s website…

Posted September 25, 2014 in: Blog by GFC Team

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